Pear and Elderflower Spritzer  $15
Fresh and floal
white wine, elderflower, pear juice, soda water 
Served over ice
Turkish Delight $15
Floral light and delightful
vanilla vodka, crème de cacao, montenegro, rosewater, Turkish delight 
Shaken and served as a martini
Greek mojito  $15
A Greek twist on a Cuban classic
metaxa, limes, mint
Served long over ice
Pomegrante Sour $15
A little bit sweet, a little bit sour
Puma pomegrante liqueur,
lemon juice, egg white, touch sugar
Lychee Martini $15
Light, effervescent
strawberry liqueor, lychee liqueur,
lychees, sparkling
Served long over ice
 E spresso Martini $14.5
As it should be.  Bold and delicate.
vanilla vodka, kahlua, espresso
Shaken with ice
Aprol Spritz $15
A perfect ‘aperitivo’
Prosecco, Aperol, soda water
Lemon Meringue $15
Crisp, tart and sweet
lemoncello,  licor 43,
white crème de cacao, lemon juice
Served tall
  Ambrosias’ G & T $15
A posh gin & tonic
Gin, sweet vermouth, peach bitters, berries
Summer Bellini $14.5
Light & classy
Raspberries, processo
Strawberry Basil Margarita $14.5
mediterranean twist on an old favorite
tequila, strawberry liqueur, strawberry,
lemon juice, lime juice, basil syrup, basil
Pomegranate Caprioska $15
Our twist on a simple classic  
vodka, pomegrante juice, pomegrante seeds,
limes, mint
Served long over ice
Watermelon and rosewater elixir $15
A match made in heaven. 
vanilla vodka, crème de cacao,
watermelon, rosewater
Shaken with ice
Lychee mojito $15
Sweet sour and everything
in between
white rum, lychee, limes, mint
Served tall